Danville Police Apologizing After Dog They Helped Capture With Catchpole Died

Danville, VA-- Danville police are apologizing after a dog they helped capture died and now they are seeking the help of the Humane Society to make sure it doesn't happen again.On Monday, Danville Police got a call that a dog on Custer Street was acting aggressively. They found an unrestrained Shepherd mix that appeared agitated.Animal Control came out and both departments made several attempts with a catchpole and finally got it to attach around the dog's neck.Police say the dog tried to break free so they used a second catchpole.{}They got the dog into the cage when it collapsed and died.A local vet did a necropsy and found the dog died from strangulation {}due to the combination of the pressure of the catchpoles and confined space of the cage.The Danville Area Humane Society said because they weren't there, they don't know if anything could have changed the outcome. They called it a tragic accident, and said catchpoles are a necessary tool to restrain a dog.The Humane Society said it plans to refresh Danville Police on the basics of successfully restraining a dog with a catchpole.{}"How to catch a dog, maybe recognize some signs of an aggressive dog, how you can diffuse that situation, and keep everyone safe because public safety ahas to be number one consideration also, and also recognizing some signs of distress in a dog," said Paulette Dean, Executive Director of the Danville Area Humane Society.Danville Police said they have also apologized to the dog's owner.
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