Danville Police Address Drug Related Crimes at Danville United Meeting

Danville, VA-- 71 percent of those arrested for drug-related crimes in Danville last year were African American, according to the police department.Some residents voiced concern over that statistic over the past few months. Questions were raised at city council meetings about whether police are showing favoritism to whites. Police addressed that at the Danville United meeting on Thursday night. Their data showed there isn't institutional bias. They found the disparity in arrest rates has a lot to do with the location of where officers are assigned because of crime. Also, Chief Phillip Broadfoot said the efforts they make to stop violent crime usually leads to many drug-related arrests. "Transparency is the key. When you lay everything out and you let people know how you're operating and what you're doing, I think that goes a long ways to improving the relationship and the trust that people have with their police department," said Chief Broadfoot. The next Danville United meeting will address more on the topic of police and their relations with minorities.