Danville- Pittsylvania County Habitat For Humanity Reaches Major Milestone

Pittsylvania Co., VA-- They've been building homes for those who are in need for more than 20 years, and on Saturday the Danville-Pittsylvania County Habitat for Humanity reached a major milestone.

They completed their 40th house. It was a great moment for the Habitat for Humanity crew as they reminisced on all the lives that have been touched over the years. However, the day was also extra special for that 40th family.

"It's such a blessing, it's too big and too immense to describe," said new homeowner Amy Yeatts.

She said that as tears of joy were flowing. Dozens of other people also shared that emotional moment during the celebration of a new beginning for the Yeatts family.

Yeatts said this new beginning would not have been possible without the Danville Pittsylvania County Habitat for Humanity.

"Thank you so much for making all our dreams a reality," said Yeatts.

The journey to provide this family with a brand new home began two years ago with a visit from the group.

"Pipes burst in our house and flooded most of it and lost all of our stuff and everything pretty much," said Yeatts.

The flooding created mold, and that put the family's health in jeopardy.

"I've had asthma and it just made it immensely worse," said Yeatts.

"We were very anxious to get her out of that living condition and into a new home," said Randy Gentry, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity.

The Yeatts moved into a rental property from Habitat for Humanity after that visit.

Now, have they have a brand new four bedroom home to call their own. It's the 40th home the organization has built since it started 1991.

"It's incredible," said Gentry. We would like to do more. I'm so blessed to be where I am today, to see the smiles on these families faces."

Habitat for Humanity said they hope to one day have a whole new sub-division full of Habitat for Humanity homes.

On average, they build four homes a year and hope to increase that number in the near future.