Danville Parks And Recreation Encourages Community To Get Out And Play

Danville, VA-- Is was all fun and games for some kids in Danville on Saturday.

Danville Parks and Recreation hosted "Get Out in The Neighborhood" at Stonewall Recreation Center. It's part of their month-long "Get Out And Play" initiative.

They say, nearly three in 10 people in the U.S. do not spend time outside on a daily basis, and of those who do, almost half spend less than 30 minutes in the fresh air.

They're working to change that. Kids gathered at three different sites keeping cool and staying active

"Playing and moving around is great for our bodies, it's great for our souls. It just helps us feel better holistically and what better day than to do it on a sunny day," said Charlene Presley, Program Coordinator at Stonewall Recreation Center.

Danville Parks and Recreation has a few more 'Get Out And Play' events this month. For a list of those dates, click here.