Danville Parks and Rec Athletics to Require Sportsmanship Class for Parents

Danville, VA-- The Danville Parks and Rec Athletic program wants parents to be prepared for youth sports.

They are now requiring parents who have a child involved in the youth basketball program to take a sportsmanship workshop. The assistant athletic director says they have noticed over time that some parents have become a bit too involved during games and have developed a 'win at all costs' mentality.

Parks and Rec wants to make sure that such behavior does not over to the next season.

"It's just a little short 30 minute video that they'll be watching and it's just an overview of different things like I mentioned, nutrition, sportsmanship, how to approach coaches, parents being accountable for showing up for practices, " said Assistant Athletic Director Jeff Goard.

Notices about the workshop have already been sent out to parents.