Danville Parents Worried About Safety Leaving School

Danville, VA -- We've had our fair share of delays and cancellations due to weather recently. Some Danville families are worried about their children's safety to and from school on those days. They say when Westover Christian Academy has early dismissal or late arrival days, the flashing lights, signaling drivers to slow down, do not turn on.

"Everybody is in a hurry this day and age," said Ronnie Dodd.

It's just that kind of a hurry that worries Dodd. His two young grandchildren attend Westover Christian Academy. And the highway just outside that school posts a speed limit of 55 miles per hour.

"Most people are not running 55, they are running well over that," said Dodd.

During normal school zone hours, Dodd says drivers obey the flashing signs and slow down. But on the days that weather causes delays or early dismissal, those lights don't sync with the adjusted school hours and drivers stay at high speeds.

"I would hate for anybody's children to get injured going in and out of there and especially my grandchildren," said Dodd.

His daughter, Angela Goddard, gets nervous too. In the already bad weather conditions, she has concerns about accidents with her little ones in the car.

"I'm just worried that I'm going to forget one day that somebody is not doing the 35 miles per hour that I am used to and pull out and it be too late," said Angela Goddard, parent.

According to city manager, Joe King, adjustments to the flashing signs remain up to the individual schools. But Dodd worries not fixing this problem, will lead to a much bigger one.

"I'm scared it's going to take an accident to finally get somebody to realize we need to do something," said Dodd.

We spoke with the principal of Westover Christian Academy who says they plan to find out how much it will cost to adjust the flashing lights. He insists they will work on making sure this is no longer a problem.