Danville Parent Talks About Traumatic Experience

Danville, VA - Danville Police have three men in custody who they suspect tried to steal two different cars Friday morning. The first of those cases left a 7-year-old boy screaming for help.

Police say the 7-year-old was in his mom's car waiting to go to school. His mother had left him for a matter of seconds.

Teresa Epps describes herself as a protective mother, always watching out for her young sons. But just when she least expected something bad to happen, it did right in her own driveway.

"I cranked my car, let it warm for a few minutes before I took my kids to school," said Epps.

Ten minutes later, Teresa's son Landon ran ahead to their minivan. Epps says just within a minute, Landon experienced something traumatic.

"He told me that there was a man that popped up outside of his window with a ski mask, black ski mask on," said Epps.

"I think they were trying to steal the car. They saw the vehicle running. They were just going to get in and take off and when they opened the door, the child started screaming, it scared them off so they ran off," said Lt. Scott Eanes with the Danville Police Department.

Police say just a few miles away from their home minutes later, they got a call about a similar incident.

"A lady had gone out to start her vehicle...and when she came out the vehicle was gone," said Eanes.

Police quickly found that car and apprehended three of the four people inside. They say as of now, they are investigating the two cases as if they are connected. Still, with all of the morning's events, Teresa just wants to know why.

"A lot of anxiety, frustration, anger. Who would do that to a child, I just, it breaks my heart. It really does," said Epps.

If those men are charged, it will be with grand larceny. They do not have a description of the fourth man, but police say they do have his finger prints.