Danville No-Kill Animal Shelter Update

Videojournalist: Angela Fowler

Danville, VA - The no-kill animal shelter in Danville has been open for almost two months now. Workers say the addition has given animals a chance to play in an expanded space.

Before the center was built, 85 % of dogs and 90 % of the cats brought to the humane society were euthanized.

Reasons for euthanizations included illness and behavioral issues.

Now those numbers are greatly reduced. So far, 121 animals have been adopted this year.

"What a shelter never wants to do is to have to euthanize a perfectly adoptable animal just because there's no space, we don't have to do that now," said Paulette Dean, director of Danville's Humane Society.

Dean also says that at least 250 animals' lives were saved by moving them to shelters in Virginia Beach and New York.