Danville Neighbors Speak Out After Death of 2-Month-Old Baby

DANVILLE, VA - Michelle Pruitt faces two counts of child abuse and neglect and one count of felony murder after the death of her two-month-old son in Danville.

Pruitt was indicted Monday after an autopsy came back saying the cause of the child's death was blunt force trauma.

We're told Pruitt moved into this apartment complex late last year.

While she was just arrested this morning, police say the two child abuse charges are from two separate incidents that started April 3.

Neighbors at the Woodside Village Apartment complex are stunned that just a few days ago, just a few doors away, police say a two month old baby boy was killed.

Krystal Keith lives nearby but says the 21-year-old mother, Michelle Pruitt, never socialized with her neighbors.

"It's just shocking," Keith said.

Keith says she never once saw Pruitt's two-month-old son, Alphonza O'Brien Fuller III.

"I've seen everybody around here, I've never seen her. Like every now and then but I never see the baby," said Keith.

While police say the death happened on April 19, an autopsy just revealed that the cause of death was blunt force trauma.

Neighbor Danielle Wright remembers seeing the baby being taken away on a stretcher that night.

"I didn't see him moving or nothing. I just seen him have a what's that thing? Oxygen. And he was just laying there," said Wright.

Pruitt now remains behind bars facing two counts of child abuse and neglect charges and one count of felony murder.

"It's surprising that someone could hurt a little baby like that," Wright said.

Neighbors say since the baby's death, they've actually seen Pruitt more than usual.

"It shocked me and to know that I've seen her. We've seen her more after it happened and she didn't even seem emotional," Keith said.

"She was just walking around like nothing happened," said Wright.

Keith says now she just holds her son a little tighter.

Police say this is Pruitt's only child.

ABC 13 called her boyfriend, the baby's namesake, but he hung up on us before answering any questions.

Pruitt is currently being held in the Danville jail with no bond.