Danville Neighborhoods Get National Recognition in Magazine

Danville, VA - A national publication is taking notice of Danville for its historic homes. This Old House magazine lists Danville as having one of the Top 10 "Best Old House Neighborhoods" for 2013.

Many people in the area already knew about these historical treasures, but this recognition could open some eyes to people around the country.
The homes on Millionaire's Row certainly can turn a few heads. But for the Lathams, these houses did more than just get their attention.
"It was the architecture that brought us here. We fell in love and we have never regretted our decision," said Sarah Latham.
Latham and her husband moved from Maryland to Danville just to live within these historic walls.
"They speak to the city's past, its history, its genealogy, the economy," said Latham.
They hope that the attention Danville is getting from the publication, 'This Old House' may bring in even more preservationists.
"It's a great way for people to learn that Danville is here," said Latham.
Historic homes realtor, Susan Stilwell, agrees. She says over the years many of Danville's historic homes have been fixed up and kept alive by local preservationists.
"I think it will help people to invest more money into their homes because they are being recognized on a national basis," said Stilwell.
The article discusses the housing costs, home styles, and gives a brief history of the area. And it has one house featured for the picture: the Latham's.
"I'm delighted, of course. We're proud of what we've done here," said Latham.
Latham, as well as many of her neighbors, put a lot of time and money into fixing up the home before moving in. Now with this recognition, she hopes others will do the same and preserve their homes the same way.