Danville Museum Displays Civil War Sketches

Danville, VA -- Have you ever wondered what Danville was like 150 years ago? Well now is your chance to see over 50 sketches depicting Danville during the Civil War.

The Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History is hosting an exhibit called "Sketches of Prison Life." It is displaying pages from a sketch book all drawn by a Danville prisoner in the 1800s. Most of the pictures show the prisoners, but some also are of the city or portraits. The museum acquired the book about a year ago, and they say it is very important for the city.

"It's very limited amount of material that is left from that time period. Certainly any first hand original documentation from that era is very sought after," said C.B. Maddox, volunteer services coordinator.

The exhibit opens Friday night and runs through the middle of March.