Danville MedExpress Hasn't Seen Flu This Season

Danville, VA - The flu season right now isn't as bad as some predicted.

Danville's MedExpress says so far this season, they have not seen any confirmed cases of the flu. This time last year, they had confirmed dozens of cases.
MedExpress does not test every person with flu-like illness, but they say they are simply seeing fewer people with those symptoms coming in.
Doctors at MedExpress say that does not mean that Danville is off the hook. They say that the flu season could be simply hitting later this year or just not as badly.
"This gives people the opportunity to go get their vaccine because once you get the vaccine it takes about two weeks for it to become effective fully," said MedExpress Dr. Nick Patel.

Doctors still suggest that everyone still get a flu shot because if it does hit later, you will be covered.