Danville Master Gardeners Hold Spring to Green Horticultural Symposium

Danville, VA-- Although we're still in winter, almost 150 people in Danville were already preparing for spring on Saturday.

The Danville Master Gardeners held their fourth annual "Spring to Green Horticultural Symposium" at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Technology.
They attended workshops, learning from experts about how to spruce up their gardening skills, and the best ways to grow organic foods.
For those wondering how to still keep some color in your garden in the winter, here's some advice from a gardening pro.
"Hellebores. More commonly known and Lenten rose, or Christmas rose. They are hardy perennials, they are evergreen. the deer don't eat them, and they bloom in the winter," said Janice Nicholson, owner of Gethsemane Gardens and Nursery.
Another plant you can plant in the winter is a daphne odora. Experts said it's very fragrant and will start blooming at the end of February.