Danville Man Wants to Make Book About Dan River

Danville, VA -- A Danville man is making sure local history will never be forgotten. He has spent months researching and writing a paper about Dan River Incorporated. Now, he wants to turn it into a book.

The idea all started when Matt Bell wrote a research paper on the Dan River for one of his classes at Liberty University.

The six page essay turned into an idea to dig deeper into the history of the company. Bell got on board with writing it when Hylton Hall burned down in April, and he wanted to make sure the history would be saved.

Bell says when he researched the topic, the views of the workers were never really portrayed. He also interviewed about 25 people and spent months writing a 60 page essay.

Now, Bell just wants to get that essay published so more people will be able to remember the Dan River.

"The history was already written, it was just somebody needed to write it down. And that's all I've done. I can't get credit for anything here because people of Danville put this together," said Bell.

Bell says he still has more to write. He wants to add to the paper he has and hopefully get the completed work turned into a book.