Danville Man Says City Took Too Long on Project

Danville, VA -- A Danville man says the city has cost him hundreds of dollars and weeks without a working sewage system or running water.

Milton Hall bought a home in Danville and wanted to install water and sewer lines. But he says the city took entirely too much time to get the process going.The city says this type of work is routine here in Danville. But what Hall says is not typical is the amount of time he has now gone without running water.
As Milton Hall walks around the front yard of his new home, he dodges in between holes, piles of dirt, and mounting frustration.
"It's cost me a lot of money, a lot of stress," said Hall.
When Hall and his wife bought the house in May, they wanted to convert the aging septic system and well into water and sewer lines with the city.
"I am on disability and I can't be pulling that pump out anymore," said Hall.
So, on June 6th, city representatives came out for their first inspection and said a hole needed to be created to connect a tap under the street to the home. Formally a contractor, Hall decided to do the work himself.
"We dug exactly where he said," said Hall.
But that tap ended up being feet away so the city offered to move it to the hole.
"After almost 2.5 - 3 weeks went by, we dug a hole, nothing happened, no one came out," said Hall.
Hall claims this should have taken only a few days.
"I've never heard this kind of time frame, only with Hurricane Sandy," said Hall.
But the city says they did not delay the work. In fact, Community Development Director, Earl Reynolds says first they had to wait for Hall's payment, which did not go through until June 18th.
"We've had inclement weather so the pipe could not be installed," said Reynolds.
During the wait to move in, Hall says he incurred hundreds of dollars in expenses.
"It's costing me $200 a week, every week just to pay where I got to stay," said Hall.
Hall says now he's just ready for all of this to be over so he can finally enjoy his new home.
The tap was moved just this week, and now Hall is responsible for connecting the pipes. When that is complete, the city will inspect it and will have to approve it before the holes can be covered up. Now, the city says they are just waiting on Hall to finish the work.
City representatives suggest for anyone wanting to do this work to make sure you hire a contractor or know what you are doing before you start this kind of project.
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