Danville Man Saves Historic African-American Hospital, Turns Into Assisted Living Facility

Danville, VA-- A historical building that remained vacant for years in Danville now has new life.

The old Winslow hospital was built in the 1940s and was the only hospital African-Americans could go to in Danville that time. Danville resident, George Lovelace, bought the building and has given it a new purpose. He turned it into an assisted living facility, and it's now called Winslow Loving Care.

Renovations took almost five years and $1.5 million to complete. Lovelace said it was worth it to preserve the building's history. He labeled each bedroom what its original purpose was when the hospital was operating.

He said the building is very close to his heart.

"It has a sentimental value to me as well because my brother breathed his last breath here at Winslow Hospital," Lovelace said.

The facility can hold 26 residents and is currently accepting residents.

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