Danville Man Killed In Afghanistan Laid To Rest

Danville, VA - A Danville man killed in Afghanistan last month was laid to rest Tuesday.

Lee McCubbins was shot and killed the day after Christmas, his father says, by an Afghan sniper. He was a Danville Police Officer for years before heading overseas.
Hundreds of people came for McCubbins' funeral, including dozens of officers. In the packed church, there was not a dry eye.
A cold day couldn't stop crowds from celebrating the life of McCubbins.

"His legacy will live on forever," said Former Police Chief Neal Morris.
"We were burying a family member. It was a very sad occasion," said Cpt. Dennis Haley with the Danville Police Department.
McCubbins was man with a family that extended throughout a department. The Police force came out by the dozens to honor a man they consider a brother.
"You develop bonds that are a little bit closer because you do actually place your life in the hands of your fellow officer," said Haley.
Morris welcomed him into this family in 1994.
"I'm proud that I even had a small part in being able to hire him and have him come on and be with us. We were better for it," said Morris.
McCubbins worked his way from Patrol Officer, to working with K-9s, to being part of the SWAT team.
"He was outstanding in all positions that he was assigned to," said Morris.
In 2009, McCubbins went overseas as a contractor, ending up in Afghanistan.
"He was dedicated to serving the public," said Morris.
Near or far, Danville officers always considered McCubbins one of them.
"I will always miss him, he was my brother," said Haley.
A friend of Lee's brought his body home from Afghanistan.
McCubbins is survived by one daughter and many other biological family members.
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