Danville Man Hopes To Start Polo Club

Danville, VA - A sport that's generally been for the rich is being offered to children of all means on the Southside. A Danville man is hoping to create a polo team.

A Danville pasture is quiet now, with only the sounds of horses eating grass. When Bob Jiranek looks at this land, though, he sees something different. He pictures a future with 18 horses, side-by-side with young polo players.
"We've got youth in this area that can compete on a equal basis with any youth anywhere in the world. And that's why we are doing it here in Danville," said Jiranek.
By this Summer, Jiranek hopes to create a competitive polo team. He wants to start by recruiting high school girls who can master the sport. That way, when they graduate, they will be good candidates for an ivy-league college scholarship.
"Polo is a team sport. And it's a way for young people who are interested in education to get to intermingle with each other in a substantive way," said Jiranek.
His dream keeps getting closer to reality. Just last week, four $10,000 polo-trained horses were donated to the Dan River Polo Club. A piece of land is in the process of being converted into a polo field as well.
"The horse doesn't care if you are rich or poor, black or white. If you have a facility to ride a horse and control a horse, that horse is your friend," said Jiranek.
Jiranek says polo teaches teamwork, provides exercise, and in this case could open many doors.
Jiranek plans to have a polo camp this summer to teach the sport. He says if they can't afford to pay for the camp, students wanting to play can work the field, instead.
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