Danville Man Finds Decapitated Chickens in Driveway, Police Investigate

Danville, VA - A Danville man found something pretty disturbing in his driveway early Wednesday morning: Three decapitated chickens. They were in a bag with some other things, and many believe it is related to a religious sacrifice.

Police say sacrificing animals is legal but not when it relates to animal cruelty or intimidating someone.

Police are still investigating if the animals were tortured, but they say it is a class 1 misdemeanor to leave them as intimidation.

Marvin Luck says it's the strangest thing he has ever seen.

"I never had anything like this happen to me."

When he went to his driveway early Wednesday morning, he found a bag with three decapitated chickens, two of their heads, and three rotten bananas inside - all covered in wax drippings.

"It didn't really bother me because I knew who done it and I don't believe in superstitious," said Luck.

Luck suspects a man he used to do concrete work for had left it there overnight. He says they recently got in an argument where Luck was accused of stealing his tools.

"He told me last week that he was going to give me until Thursday to return his tools and I said, 'I can't return nothing that I don't have.'"

But if it's some sort of voodoo, some say luck is exactly what he will need.

The Danville Police Department says this scene looks all too familiar.

"It's something we see every few years," said Lt. Scott Eanes with the Danville Police Department.

There have been other similar incidents in the area before.

"We know of a person that does it but at this time we have not come out and said if he is a suspect or not," said Eanes.

"This has been an ongoing issue in this area actually. We have had many headless chickens and roosters found and placed around town," said Paulette Dean, executive director of the Danville Humane Society.

Luck says he doesn't believe in voodoo, and so far, no other bad things have happened.

"I don't think anybody can do anything to me right here. I got the Lord on my side," he said.