Danville Man Finds Birds Nest in Unusual Place

Danville, VA -- Some resilient birds have found a home in a very strange and dangerous place.

In Dennis Haley's backyard, you just hear the sounds of birds chirping. And those birds need a little extra help. Luckily, as a Danville police officer, helping comes as a natural instinct for Haley.
"It was very incessant chirping. You could tell they were hungry," he said.
When Haley heard lost baby birds calling for assistance, he couldn't help but come to their rescue.
"We made the bug mush and I've got a pair of forceps that I used to feed them," said Haley.
But how did those birds just sitting in their nest get so turned-around? Well, their home drove off.
"It was a surprise," said Haley.
Haley took his Jeep to work Thursday like any other day, then made a stop at Food Lion.
"I was in the parking lot, putting the groceries in the back of the Jeep. I heard a lot of chirping and started looking around. And it took a second or two, but I found them in the rear wheel well of the Jeep," said Haley.
Not knowing what to do, he carefully made his way back home. He fed them without moving the nest, then waited for the mother to return.
"Half an hour after we were home, she showed up and she looks like she is doing a better job than we could," said Haley.
"They had guardian angels," said Paulette Dean, executive director of the Danville Area Humane Society.
Dean has never heard of birds making a home inside a car. But she's grateful Haley is watching over them. As for Haley, now that mom has returned, he plans on hanging up the keys to his jeep for a while.
"They've got a little while before I will drive it again," said Haley.
What is really amazing, is that Haley says he has been driving the car for the past few weeks, and they must have been in there the whole time. Experts say if this ever happens to you, to call a wildlife rehabilitator.