Danville Life Saving Crew Rescues People From Flood Waters

Danville, VA - While a lot of you were sleeping, the Danville Life Saving Crew was out working.

When they learned that several people were trapped in their cars on Route 58 just after 1:30 a.m., crew member Chris Elliot says they wasted no time.

"When I got there and saw the couple vehicles in the water, it was unknown at that time if there was anymore people that was in the cars, " Elliott said.
In this case, the water began to recede and everyone inside the car got out ok, but just down the road, the situation was much worse.
"The water was up probably five or six feet across the highway which is pretty significant, " said team member Bill Wyatt.
Wyatt is part of the swift water rescue team that is trained to work in rapidly rising waters.
When they found three people stranded at the corner of Audubon and Riverside Drive -- they got them out using a truck that sits higher off the ground.
"This could've been a whole lot worse incident if it happened at rush hour, five o'clock in the afternoon, people getting off of work, " said Chief Robbie Wooddall.
Wooddall also owns a car dealership on Riverside Drive where they lost 42 cars in this mess, but he says cars can be replaced, lives cannot.
"Possessions, material things, they can replace. Trucks come and drop the cars of everyday here. The main thing, everyone got home safe last night, and we'll get everything cleaned up in a few days and everything will be back to normal tomorrow, " he said.