Danville Life Saving Crew Gets New Boat

Danville, VA -- The Danville Life Saving Crew is looking forward to a safer summer. They say a new purchase will really help them with water rescues.

They have a new boat, just delivered Thursday morning. They say it runs really well and now just waits for an emergency.
It may look like an ordinary boat. But when it's taken out it's hardly for a good time.
"It's very important for us to have the right amount of equipment and the right type of equipment to be able to go in any conditions in the river to be able to get someone out," said Jon Yeaman, Captain of Special Operations for Life Saving Crew.
The Danville Life Saving Crew recently purchased this $25,000 boat. Their previous one was 14 years old, had clear wear and tear, and had been used dozens of times.
"Thankfully we would use it a whole lot more in training than we did in real life exercise recoveries or rescues," said Yeaman.
So, with help from donations, the crew bought this new flat bottom boat, perfect for the Dan River.
"No matter the conditions of the river, the weather, they are out there fishing so we have to have the ability to go out there and get them," said Yeaman.
Good news for Dan River regular, Andy Wingate Senior."It makes you feel safer," said Wingate.
Year round, he walks, fishes, and sits by the river.
"You know that if anything was to go wrong, you know there would be help for you. So you can come out here and enjoy yourself and not worry about a catastrophe of any kind," said Wingate.
The sort of catastrophe the crew hopes to avoid but is ready to handle if needed.
They also recently bought another, smaller boat. It's lightweight and best when the water is in flood stage.