Danville Jury Finds Man Guilty of Murdering Mother

Update 6 p.m.:

Danville, VA - A Danville man has been convicted of killing his mother 17 years ago. A jury found Michael Womack, 39, guilty of second degree murder Thursday afternoon.

It took the jury less than an hour to find Womack guilty for the murder of his mother -- Lorraine Womack. But it was not before several outbursts Womack had throughout the trial.

Commonwealth's Attorney Michael Newman argued that in July 1996, Womack had been living with his mother when he came home one night after drinking and they got in an argument.

That's when Newman says he hit his mother over the head multiple times with a rusty old gun. She died in her recliner.

Newman said Womack then lied to police about the whereabouts of the gun. It was found months later at his sister's house.

Womack went to jail shortly after for an unrelated case -- an inmate testified that Womack admitted to killing his mother while in jail.

The defense says there were a lot of holes in the case, including no DNA on the gun, and the fact that other people could have had access to that apartment.

However, they say Womack's constant outbursts and refusal to cooperate with the Judge's recommendations throughout the trial did not help him.

"You heard the Judge talk to him. Obviously he wanted him to try to behave a certain way in the courtroom. We were a little bit concerned about that. But it is understandable as an individual who 17 years after the fact is being accused of killing his mother, his own mother," said Jason Eisner, the defense attorney.

The jury recommended 10 years behind bars. Sentencing is scheduled for January.


Danville, VA - A Danville jury has found Michael Womack guilty of second degree murder of his mother Loraine Womack from 17 years ago.

Womack, 39, was facing first degree murder charges for the death of Lorraine Womack.

The Commonwealth's Attorney says Womack had been drinking when he came home and got into an argument with his mother about his alcohol use.

That's when prosecutors say he beat her with an old rusted gun.

The defense says there are a lot of holes in their evidence, including how lots of people had access to her house.

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