Danville Job Fair Draws Hundreds

Danville, VA - Over 600 jobs were up for grabs at Danville's job fair Thursday and more than 760 people came out to fill them.

The Danville-Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce hosted the event.

It had a great turnout Thursday as more people showed up than anyone expected. With the latest numbers showing Danville's unemployment rate more than 7%, many people wanted one of the 677 openings.
A line of hopeful job seekers snaked out the door and around the building of the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research. Karen Nooruddin has been looking for full time employment since 2011.

"Right now I'm living on savings pretty much. The little bit of income I can make doing part time work," said Nooruddin.

South Boston resident Thomas Penick waited in line for an hour and a half. He currently works for Commodore Homes. But they're set to close their doors and at the end of the month, he'll be out of a job.
"Been nervous since the first time when they said they were shutting down. Been nervous ever since," said Penick.
Inside booths for 35 different employers range from healthcare, to IT, retailers, and manufacturing. Unique Industries wants to fill nearly 20 spots.
"Over the last year or so I saw our business just explode. We're constantly bringing temporary people in," said Connie Grimes, HR Supervisor of Unique Industries.
They also have full-time openings. Something the Chamber's Business Services Manager Kate Farmer says she's been seeing a lot of.
"I think there's always been an attitude of there aren't jobs here, but there are, it's just about finding the right fit," said Farmer.
Even Congressman Robert Hurt stopped by, speaking to those struggling to find work.
"It's a stark reminder that this is the number one issue that faces the people I represent. It's the number one issue, it's the number two issue, it's the number three issue," said Hurt.
This is the second-largest job fair that the Chamber has put on.
If you were not able to make it out, you can visit the Virginia Workforce Center for openings or go to their website at