Danville IdeaList Taking Off, Group Creating Leadership Team

Danville, VA - Danville's IdeaList project has received several suggestions about how to make the city better. The organization specifically takes those ideas and tries to bring them to life.

They say between 15 and 30 people have submitted their ideas. Right now, they are trying to develop a leadership team to bring them to life.

The IdeaList "storefront" in downtown Danville looks closed but that doesn't mean they are not open for ideas.

"People seem to be really excited about Idealist. They send their ideas in...they talk with us about what they would like to see happening. And what we really want to enable is making those ideas real," said Bobby Allen Roach, Idealist Leader.

For a number of reasons, their retail space does not hold regular hours so devoted Danvillians have submitted their ideas to them online. The IdeaList has entertained everything from offering advertising on light poles to bringing diversity to Danville concerts. But they say one suggestion has really stuck.

"The strongest idea we have right now is a trolley system that would connect people who live here, people who are visiting with local restaurants and other venues that they would be interested in," said Roach.

So, they've looked into the options and plan to take it to the next level.

"Sometimes that might be city council, sometimes that might be a private investor, somebody who wants to take on the project and make it real," said Roach.

Councilman Lee Volger is on-board with exploring the possibilities of bringing these ideas to life.

"If we can work it within the budget I think so. I'm open to any new ideas people have," said Vogler.

He says the group has an important purpose.

"I think it's great. I think anytime citizens can get involved and come together and try to come up with ideas to help the city, it's a great thing," said Vogler.

And the IdeaList says they're just starting.

"We love our community, we believe in the city of Danville and the change that is happening here and we want to be part of it," said Roach.

They say the long term plan is to have that retail space open. And they hope to have some projects realized in the next year.

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