Danville Humane Society Speaks Out After Family's Dog Killed By BB Gun

Pittsylvania Co., VA-- One family in Pittsylvania County says they're heartbroken after their family dog was killed, and now they want to know who's responsible.According to the Danville Area Humane Society, a miniature schnauzer died after being shot by a BB gun just last month. The owners of the dog, Michael and Amy Wood, recently sent a letter to the Humane Society informing them of what happened. The family says they found their dog Max lying on their front yard having a hard time breathing. The family rushed as fast as they could to a veterinary clinic. They performed chest compressions on the way there, but sadly, that wasn't enough and the dog was pronounced dead. X-rays showed a BB pellet in the dog's heart, and found a small wound to the dog's chest between his two front legs.The Humane Society said this kind of thing doesn't happen too often, so when they heard about it they were shocked. They've decided to offer up to a $1,000 reward for information which leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible."It's horrible that something like this would happen. Just an ordinary thing, to let your dog out to go potty and he winds up dead," said Paulette Dean, Executive Director of Danville Area Humane Society.If you have any information call the Danville Area Humane Society at 434-799-0843.