Danville Holiday Shoppers Feeling the Last-Minute Rush

Danville, VA - Ready or not, Christmas is just around corner. By this point, presents are usually wrapped and under the tree.

That's not the case for everyone, though. Many customers purposely were waiting for all the good deals.

Area stores Sunday were slashing prices.

Some store managers say the closer you get to Christmas, the busier they get, because people take advantage of all the bargains.

If you've been out shopping lately, you've probably seen the word "sale" everywhere.

"We decided to start our after Christmas sale prices," said Ben Rippe, Owner of Rippes.

"Buyers choice carolers that we're standing in front of are thirty percent off and they're only discounted once a year, and it's usually this week of Christmas," added Gingerbread House Store Manager Brian Hamlett.

"We decided to go out and like I said finish some last Christmas shopping," shopper Rita Wilson said.

Shoppers say the deals aren't the only reason they wait until the last minute, however.

For some people, they consider being part of the shopping rush fun.

"I've heard people say that's fun of it. You know, last minute shopping, and it brings the Christmas spirit out in them," said Hamlett.

"I think it's tradition, I think it's fun, and it's just something that's never going to end," Wilson said.

Others would rather be done with their Christmas lists.

"It's definitely crazy. I usually am not in the Christmas rush. I like to be done, have all my Christmas presents wrapped," said shopper Sheryl Rickett.

"We've been trying to get down here for several weeks. We've just been too busy," said Sandy Isom, another shopper.

There could be a downside to shopping late, though. You may not always find what you are looking for.

That's a risk some are willing to take.

"The risk is less limited quantity, but sometimes you can find a bargain if you wait,' Rippe said.

"I have found better deals waiting last minute," said Rickett.

If you're one of those last minute shoppers, some malls have extended their hours.

Sunday Night, Piedmont mall in Danville closes at 8 p.m., River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg and Valley View Mall in Roanoke both close at 10 p.m.