Danville Historical Society Preserving Collection

Danville, VA - The Danville Historical Society wants to make sure their collection of antiques will be preserved for future generations.

The society applied to be part of the Circuit Riders program through the Virginia Collections Initiative. They were selected as one out of 10 organizations in the Commonwealth to have experts come out and look at their collection of Danville's history.

The experts then inform the historical society on how to best preserve the valuables. The representatives came to Danville last week.

Historical Society President Sarah Latham says this is very important because these items cannot be replaced and they really show off Danville.
"There's only one way to have that true personality and individualism come out, and that is through all the historic documents and artifacts that show where we come from," said Latham.
Latham says it could be a few weeks before they find out the results.