Danville Heroes Emerge After Car Accident

Danville, VA - Some people in Danville are being called heroes after they saved a complete stranger from a burning car. Wednesday morning, a two-vehicle accident on Industrial Avenue trapped and injured the drivers. That's when folks stepped in.

"I just really think that it's God's timing because it shouldn't have happened at 9 o'clock on a Wednesday morning like that," said Dave Gluhareff.

Gluhareff had been running late that morning, driving an unusual route to drop off his son. That's when he stumbled upon two vehicles tangled up on the side of the road.

"When I first pulled up there was a lot of steam. And smoke coming from the car and the truck," said Gluhareff.

Realizing someone was inside, he and others instinctively went to help.

"Within a matter of maybe 30 seconds just said we've got to get them both out," said Gluhareff.

Then the situation got worse, he noticed fluids spilling out of the wreckage as the smoke turned to fire.

"It took me about three big tugs to get the car door open because it was stuck and smashed in," said Gluhareff.

With help from others, Gluhareff managed to pull the injured stranger from the car to safety. The driver, Walter McMann, 31, had one request to call his father.

"I could hear Walter in the background...he was in a huge amount of pain," said Bill McMann, Walter McMann's father.

Gluhareff managed to keep Walter calm, explain the situation to his father, and wait for emergency crews.

"I feel sure that he saved my son's life," said McMann.

Gluhareff feels God put him on that road at that exact time.

"This was just one of those reminders that you know that we are not alone," said Gluhareff.

"Just grateful to him and grateful to God that he was there at that moment," said McMann.

Walter McMann is in Roanoke for treatment. He is in stable condition but has many broken bones and internal injuries. When Walter recovers, his father says he will want to personally thank those who saved him.