Danville Has Cheapest Gas Prices In Virginia

Danville, VA - Virginia has some of the cheapest gas prices in the country at nearly 20 cents below national average, according to The lowest prices in Virginia are on the Southside.

Having the lowest gas prices in the Commonwealth in Danville means more people are traveling to the Southside to take advantage of the costs.
Michael Estes' gas station sits on Highway 58 just miles above the Virginia-North Carolina border. Being on the Virginia side allows him to charge just $2.92 a gallon for gas and draw in customers from miles away.

"It definitely helps. Especially a business like mine where I'm dependent upon gas as part of my sales," said Estes.

According to, Virginia is the 6th cheapest state in the country for average gas prices. North Carolina ranks 16th cheapest, averaging more than 10 cents per gallon higher.
The difference in prices mean big bucks for Estes as nearly 20% of his gas sales come from North Carolina drivers.
"They'll bring extra gallon jugs or stuff they need for mowing lawns and they'll get all of that at one time versus paying 30 or 40 cent higher across the state line," said Estes.
GasBuddy reports Virginia's top eight cheapest gas stations are on the Southside.
"Everywhere else is high," said Bobby Inman, Pittsylvania County resident.
"It's cheaper than anywhere I can get," said Martinsville resident Emory L. Smith.
It's not just North Carolina customers who help stations like this. In fact, many drivers like Smith fill up in Danville to take advantage of the lower prices.
"Everybody wants to get gas as cheap as they can because prices are ridiculous," said Smith.
Estes says he's glad to offer the lower prices and boost his business with out of town drivers.
"It means I'm drawing in that traffic and I can hopefully continue to pay my bills," said Estes.
GasBuddy says the cheapest gas station right now in Virginia is Danville's Murphy's Express on Mount Cross Road. As of Tuesday, it's only $2.86 a gallon.