Danville Gun Sellers See Sales Increase

Danville, VA -- Since the Connecticut shooting on Friday, there has been a lot of talk of gun control, and that has made a huge impact on gun sales.

Several gun shops say that they have seen their gun sales increase, sometimes doubling since last Friday.

Many say there is always an increase during the holidays, but never like this.

"As soon as it happened, everybody, it seemed like they just rushed in a little bit," said Jimmy Cole, Manager of Riverside Pawn.

Guns have become a very hot item across the country. Many are buying them up, concerned certain ones may be outlawed soon.

"It seems like that everybody is coming to get guns, they think the gun laws might change. Maybe they just want to make sure they can get everything they want," said Cole.

Riverside Pawn Manager Jimmie Cole can't help but notice. He's seen his gun sales increase by 25% since Friday. He has sold out of his assault weapons. His customers who pawned their semi-automatics are rushing back in to buy them back.

"I got a call at like 7 a.m. saying we want to get that SKS," said Cole.

Firearms instructor Chris Anderson says his phone hasn't stopped ringing.

"I've had definitely increase calls, people actually seeing me face to face and asking me about the opportunity to take the classes," said Anderson.

He says inquiries about his services have increased by three times as many people that call on a normal day.

"The more that people see it in the media and in the news, the more real it becomes to them in their own home," said Anderson.

Both Anderson and Cole advocate gun safety and take precautions about whose hands their guns land in.

"I think the million and billion people who are using them the right way shouldn't suffer for the one that is crazy," said Cole.

Cole says most people buy their guns for protection or hunting. And even though assault weapons are not used for hunting, they are still very popular because he says many people prefer to target shoot with them.

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