Danville Goodwill Faces Biggest Donations of the Year

Danville, VA -- Many people had the day off Monday, but the Danville Goodwill was fully staffed. They say now is their busiest time of year.

The Goodwill staff tells us they have two guesses for why everyone is dropping off items. First, people want to make space in their house after Christmas. Also, Monday is the last day for 2012 tax write offs.

Even a few days after Christmas, the spirit of giving is still overflowing.

"I know a lot of people need stuff and it helps us too," said Diane Williams, donor.

At the Danville Goodwill, the lines are long, the warehouse is crowded, and the donations are up.

"We plan as best we can and take it as it comes and we try to promote and ask that people donate earlier but we'll take them and we appreciate them whenever we get them," said Kevin Goins, Vice President of retail operations for Goodwill.

On a normal day, they see 50 to 100 drop offs but the last week of the year typically brings in five times that amount.

"As we ramp up over the end of the year we could go from maybe 350 up to the last day last year we did about 550 donations," said Goins.

To accommodate these good Samaritans, the Goodwill brings in more people, trailers, even traffic cones.

"These donations mean opportunities for people who may not otherwise have opportunities to work," said Goins.

That's why Lewis Crews came with a full truck.

"Today is a good day to get it, get the tax write off. You know the end of the year and everything," said Crews.

Crews expect his drop-off will add up to hundreds, but for the people he helps, the donations are immeasurable.

"It's a win win situation. They win and I win," said Crews.

Goodwill employees tell us donations drop from 5 p.m. Monday to about noon Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the big rush takes them through March to sort and make use of, which is just in time for spring cleaning.