Danville Golf Course Getting Later Start to Season

Danville, VA -- The coming snow may be good for the plow trucks. But our wintry weather isn't helping the golf courses.

For some golfers, the grass is always greener on the course.

"We play all the time, wind, rain, we even play in the snow," said Douglas Littlejohn, golfer.

So, no matter the time of year, they decide to make the most of their local fairways.

"Anytime an opportunity presents itself, we take advantage of it," said Al Puryear, golfer.

But not everyone has the same enthusiasm.

"People will just not come out and play when it is 40 degrees," said Mark Hopkins, owner of Southern Hills Golf Course.

Hopkins says when the forecast shows cold weather, his bottom line looks just as bleak. He expects to have fewer customers in the winter time, but he says it gets tough when spring has a late start.

"In the month of February this year, we were closed almost half the days," said Hopkins.

Hopkins says since last January through March was unusually warm, their golf course was unseasonably busy. But that makes this year's cold weather sting a little worse.

"Last year it was kind of a bonus and we got ahead with our finances but this year we are going to be playing catch up and we will be playing catch up until I would say May of this year," said Hopkins.

But Hopkins hopes more golfers like this threesome will be teeing off in the near future.

"Sooner or later people are going to break their golf clubs out of the closet and start playing golf," said Hopkins.

Mark Hopkins says that if it does snow this week, they will not only be closed that day, but likely two to three days afterwards. But, they try to spend that time working to get ready for the spring rush.