Danville Girl Scout Troop Records Stories for Visually Impaired Children

Danville, VA - Three Danville girls are leaving a positive mark in their community.

They are girl scouts, and in order to earn their Silver Award, they made it their mission to help kids who are blind.

The girl scouts created a reading CD that's been shared more than they could have ever imagined.

Mae Gayle Dalton, Lauren Jones and Ambria Morton are the three high students that decided for their Girl Scout Silver Award, they wanted to do something that would help kids that are visually impaired.

"We decided to put books on tape so they can listen to those books instead of their parents having to read book over and over again to them" Jones said.

The girls started the project beginning last year. It's called "Letting the Blind Read".

"We had to pick the books that we wanted to use. [And] Get permission from all of the companies that produced the books," Dalton explained.

"We ran into a problem with one of the publishers. The girls had to sit down and decide do we want to continue with this process, do we want to scrap it and start over," said Troop Leader Susan Dalton.

"There were some parts we didn't like our voice, but we got over that," said Jones.

With the help of Julie Parker, a teacher for the visually impaired for Danville Public Schools, the girls put themselves in the shoes of the children they wanted to help.

"She taught us about braille," Dalton continued.

"We had to wear glasses and we walked around," Morton said.

"Not everyone is just strictly blind, where they don't see anything. There are different types of visually impaired," Dalton explained.

The project CD was completed recently and was distributed to visually impaired children in the area.

Parker also handed out the CD to educators for the visually impaired at a state conference.