Danville Getting Domestic Violence Shelter

Danville, VA - Danville will soon have a safe place for victims of domestic violence.

Since Dove closed a few years ago, victims were having to go outside the city for help. Since then, local leaders started Haven of Dan River Region.

Chairman Michael Newman says not having a shelter is a big problem in the area. Just last year, they say, a local hotline received 135 calls from women in Danville and Pittsylvania County who were victims of domestic violence.

The Danville Regional Medical Center has offered to give Haven a rent free place for the shelter. It will have 5 bedrooms and will accept women and children.

"Once you show the victims that you care for them personally in reference to their well being, they make better witnesses in reference to finally telling the truth because they feel some security, some safety, some hope that this can break the cycle," said Newman.

Newman says they hope to open the shelter in a year. They need donations, though. If you want to help, contact the United Way.