Danville Firefighters Respond to Contamination in Creek

Danville, VA -- A small creek in Danville had some people concerned Monday night.

The Fire Department was called around 6 to a creek that feeds into Pumpkin Creek. They were getting calls that the water was a milky green-blue color.

Fire officials say many small minnows had died in that water. They believe a substance had gotten into the creek. Investigators are not sure how the substance got into the water.

The fire department and hazmat team spent hours damming the creek and testing the water. The initial determination found a wax-like substance had contaminated the creek.

"We are continually involved in making sure there are no hazards to people, or the environment as it may be," said Steve Dishman, Assistant Fire Chief.

Fire officials say that people should not be worried about the substance. They will determine what it is exactly and if someone will be charged after further investigation.