Danville Fire Department Saves Dog From Fire

Danville, VA - Thursday night the Danville Fire Department went to a call on Third Avenue around 7:30 p.m. When they got there, they were able to rescue a family pet.

The fire department says about once a year they have to use a dog resuscitation mask, but Thursday, that device worked and helped save this dog's life.

Elroy, an 11-month-old Chihuahua, has been through a lot. Like most dogs, he's timid and often hiding during nerve-racking situations.

"He is real scared so he stays under our bed all the time. Every time we leave we come back and he is under the bed," said Kim Bolling, Elroy's owner.

But when his house caught fire, that nervous trait almost cost him his life. Bolling received a call at work that their house was on fire. She rushed home to find that her family and one dog was safe, but Elroy had been hiding inside the home.

"At first I thought he was just dead. And that was sad," said Bolling.

The family told firefighters Elroy hadn't escaped, so they searched and were able to find him. Then they carried him out of the smoke.

"He was limp. He was just limped over with his tongue hanging out," said Bolling.

"They immediately brought him out and got him in back of the truck and they began to do just as we do anyone else, start performing CPR on him," said Shelby Irving, the fire marshal.

Soon after using this resuscitation mask Elroy returned to consciousness.

"The dog got up and was able to move around and play around so we knew he was okay," said Irving.

Bolling and her family now have a lot of thanks for the firefighters and for the Lord.

Bolling says that Elroy is even more timid now than ever. But she is just glad that he is okay.

The Fire Department says that all of their trucks are equipped with that device for situations just like this one.

The fire marshall says the fire was started because a space heater was too close to a bed.