Danville Fire Department Gets New Technology

Danville, VA -- A new piece of equipment is making the Danville Fire Department a lot more efficient. They recently received an Ops CAD system which allows them to digitally receive information about calls.

It used to be when a call came in, they would have a printed out copy of the call information. That included where they were going and the nature of the call, which is very little information.
But now, not only do they get that paper as backup, they get a lot more information digitally. The Ops CAD system allows them to get information straight from dispatch to their station and trucks.
Inside the station, they have a screen that shows them a map of the city that indicates where other stations are at that moment. That way if they need backup, they can see where everyone is and who is available. Also, inside the fire truck, they now get information about a particular call. They find out what the problem is, which is especially helpful for medical calls. And they know things like the call history and dispatcher's notes.
"It lets us know more information so that we are more up to date when we get to the scene and we are able to make better decisions," said James Satterfield, Firefighter.
This system is set up in all of the stations throughout the city. They hope to soon get an upgrade to the system which will give them a GPS of where they are going.

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