Danville Fire Department Gets New Fire Truck

Danville, VA -- A new addition to the Danville Fire Department should make the city even safer. Station 7 received a new, customized fire truck that will be also used by the hazmat team.

It costs nearly $500,000 and replaces a fire truck they've had since 1989. The department customized and ordered this truck back in January. Thursday afternoon they put it into service.
What makes the truck so special is that it has more space, so they can keep back up equipment with them on calls. Also, it has a foam system. Fire officials say you would want to put foam on a chemical or fuel spill or fires caused by them. This is the first truck in the city that has this capability.
Station 7 is near the airport, and it is also home to the hazardous materials team, so it is very necessary for the calls they respond to.
"Being able to carry more equipment, it will cut on the response time. It means that we can start doing things that normally would have taken us a little longer. We'll be able to start the process sooner," said Greg Thomas, truck committee member.
The last time the department got a new truck was two years ago. They expect this one to last about 20 years.
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