Danville Family Makes Memorial For Connecticut Victims

Danville, VA - A Danville family is showing their support for Sandy Hook victims in their own way. They have set up a memorial in their window.

Just like most parents, Shana DeHart was devastated when she saw the shooting coverage last week. She has four kids, and she decided this was the best way to explain the tragedy so they could understand.

Next to the Christmas decorations at the DeHart's home stands a pattern of 26 crosses.

The white crosses are not in their window for Christmas, they are hung for Connecticut.

"I cried all day, and it still gets me choked up thinking about it because it's just unbelievable to me," said DeHart.

When DeHart heard about the tragedy, her heart went out to the victims but her mind went to her own kids.

"Newtown, Connecticut is Danville, Virginia. It's a small city just like this place. It could have easily been us getting the phone call here," said DeHart.

DeHart looked for a way to explain such a horrific event to her young children.

"There is no better way I could think of to get them through it," said DeHart.

She traced a cross for each victim and had her daughters Madisyn and Kenadie cut and hang them as memorials. A window frames the children's crosses, and the door holds the adults'.

Then, when the names came out the crosses went back up with a specific dedication. DeHart says this helped her and her family deal with the grief.

The crosses are even lit up at night, so everyone can see the names. They plan to keep the crosses up for a while. DeHart says she will take the Christmas decorations down way before those crosses.

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