Danville Family Hopes McDonnell's Adoption Campaign Works

Danville, VA - Governor McDonnell has kicked off a campaign to get a thousand children adopted.

In our region alone, nearly 200 children don't have a permanent family. The campaign will try to put a face to the children in need.

The Sheldons' home rarely stays quiet. Just like any other family, the sounds of children playing can be heard from rooms away.
"I don't see anything untypical other than we've got a lot of boys," said parent Patrick Sheldon.
When Patrick and Sherri Sheldon realized they couldn't have children the natural way, they quickly decided to keep adopting until their family grew to six.
"The love that all of a sudden appears for that child is just amazing," said Sheldon.
The Sheldons now have four sons, one of which has special needs. They've also fostered two children over the years.
"With the amount of children sitting out there, it's major important," said Sheldon.
Family Services Specialist Katie Hall says they could use more families like the Sheldons. Hall says campaigns like Governor McDonnell's could make a big difference.
"Any attention that you can bring to the kids in the area is great," said Hall.
McDonnell says about 1,000 children in Virginia are ready for adoption. Part of his campaign features 100 kids over 100 days through social media.
"They don't have parents. They don't have a place to call home. They just have something that's temporary," said Hall.
As the Sheldon's know, the temporary situation can quickly become permanent.
"It will change your life," said Sheldon.
If you are thinking about adoption or fostering a child, an event is being held in Danville Tuesday.For more information on the program, click here.