Danville Experts: Warm Weather Bringing Out Stink Bugs

Danville, VA - Warmer weather come with one very unpleasant consequence: Stink bugs. A local exterminator says last year was the worst he had ever seen, but this year has the potential to beat that.

"I was excited in a way that we were going to have a break from the colder weather but the thought of bugs coming and bugs getting worse bugs me," said Sherri Garrett, who found stink bugs in her house.

Insects out in full swing is a drawback of summer, but even though it's months away, the higher temperatures trick bugs into thinking summer is already here.

"Indian summer will fool a stink bug make them come out from the attic and into your house," said John Adkins, owner of Four Seasons Pest Control.

Adkins says the first time he has seen stink bugs out this early was last year. But with the mild winter, 2013 has the potential to be even worse.

"This weekend it's going to be up to 70 degrees. People will start seeing them. They are not coming in, they are already in, they are trying to come out because the weather outside is nice," said Adkins.

Garrett says last year she found them everywhere.

"In the bedroom, in the kitchen, even in a closet area," said Garrett.

Adkins recommends protecting your home by making sure it is well sealed.

"The most important thing you can do is seal up all cracks and crevices around your house," said Adkins.

While the bugs will not hurt you, he says they could hurt your wallet.

"They are destroying grape crops, apple crops, and peach crops. And they are getting worse each year," said Adkins.

One good thing about it getting warmer early is that when the bugs do come out this weekend, if it gets cold again, some could die out. But Adkins says even if that happens, the majority of the population will likely survive.