Danville Expert Says More Stinkbugs This Year

Danville, VA - They crawl around your home or office. And they are back this year worse than ever. We're talking about stinkbugs. And now some are even worried these little creepy crawlers could scare away business.

Stink bugs cannot physically hurt you. But there are some business owners on the Southside that say they are ready for these bugs to be gone.

"We'd see a couple but this year they seem to be bad," said Frances Harper, Owner of n'tended for KIDS.

Harper spotted an unwanted surprise at the end of this summer, dozens of stink bugs around her Pittsylvania County home.
"I don't want bugs inside and then of course they have an odor if you try to get them," said Harper.
She called an exterminator right away and had the problem fixed. But now she worries that with the increase in stink bugs this year, she may also see some at her Danville store. And while they don't hurt people, Harper worries if stink bugs invade it could damage her bottom line.
"You just don't want to see bugs crawling. This is a children's store so if a child sees a bug it sometimes freaks people out," said Harper.
Owner of Four Season Pest Control, John Adkins suspects the mild winter and cool summer could be to blame for the increase. He suggests to call an exterminator if they hit your home.
"Try to go around your house, seal all the cracks, crevices around your windows, door seals," said Adkins.
And it's not just your home or business. Adkins says stink bugs can harm local crops too.
"They're an agricultural pest. They do damage to crops, to fruits, vegetables, even grapes and vineyards are being affected by that," said Adkins.
The USDA is trying to take a survey of how many stink bugs people find in their homes and are asking people to fill it out. However, because of the government shutdown, that website is temporarily out of order.
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