Danville Experts Give Tips To Avoid Deer Accidents

Danville, VA - Experts are warning everyone to be on the lookout for deer when driving.

Deer are at the peak of their mating season, so they're very active and can do a lot of damage.

Stallings Collision Centers stay hard at work during their busiest time of the year. Manager Jeff Farmer says from September to March the deer come out and the cars pile into their shop.
Many have damage to the front, the side, and the driver's wallet.
"When the deer hits the car, it impacts a lot of parts and the parts these days are so high," said Farmer.
Farmer says this kind of damage takes up 60 percent of their business during this season.
"Is kind of like our tax time for accountants. It's pretty much our busiest time of the year," said Farmer.
Farmer says in the past year, they've seen more deer accidents in the city and during the summer.
"It could be, it's possible that we'll be seeing a lot more deer," said Farmer.
Driving Instructor Ricky Fugate has some tips to avoid accidents like these. First, look far ahead of you and out to the side to hopefully avoid the deer altogether.
"That's the big key is being able to look far enough down the road to understand that something can come from out in front of you," said Fugate.
If you can't avoid a deer, don't swerve, hit your brakes, and then experts say ease off right before impact.
"Slam on the breaks immediately, just as hard as you can, put as much pressure as you can, and slide into the deer," said Fugate.

Fugate also suggests to stay alert and off your cell phone. And remember they often travel in groups, so if you see one, another may be close behind.

Farmer says the average deer accident damage costs about $4,000 to fix, but that is often covered by insurance.