Danville Expert Explains Tax Refund Debit Card

Danville, VA - You may have to pay some fees with your tax refund money this year, without even realizing it.

For the first time, Virginia will give out debit cards with your refund money instead of paper checks. But that means you could acquire fees just like any other debit card. The fees often are associated with ATM withdraws.

H&R Block tax associates say since the debit cards will be a Mastercard, if you can find a bank that accepts Mastercard, you can get a one time withdraw for free. So if you take all the money out, you won't have to pay those fees. But you still need to be careful.

"What I would suggest strongly is be certain of the exact amount that is on the card so you can tell that to the teller," said Kathryn Wilton, tax associate.

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