Danville Emergency Crews Work On Christmas Day

Danville, VA -- While most of us are with our families and friends on Christmas, some people are with their co-workers. That's because not everyone gets the luxury of a day off.

Seven days a week, 365 days a year, emergency crews are working and that includes on Christmas Day.

"The community is always in need of our service. Just because it's a holiday doesn't mean that people aren't going to get sick, things are not going to happen, so somebody has to be here to take care of them in their time of need and that's why we are here," said Lt. James Satterfield, Danville Fire Department.

At the Danville Fire Department, they find their own way to celebrate. They substitute Christmas dinner with relatives for a meal with co-workers. They even decorate with a tree and hang a wreath.

"This is our second home. We spend 24 hours a day with these guys and girls. It's just like a big family brothers and sisters," said Satterfield.

They say family often visits, but the day goes on like usual.

"Pretty much our job is still our job and we just have to do it," said Cpt. Audrey Jackson, Danville Police Department.

At the Danville Police Department, the halls look quiet, but behind the scenes, it's just as busy.

"It's really about the same as most days," said Jackson.

They say even on Christmas there still is traffic, there still are accidents, and there are still the same number of officers working.

"We are citizens ourselves and we know that we need people out here for instance there are other people who work there for you. I'm sure that citizens do appreciate us being out here on our jobs," said Jackson.

And these crews say it still feels like Christmas.

"This is our second family so we still feel like all day today will still be Christmas for us too," said Satterfield.

They all tell us that their families have learned to work around their schedule during the holidays. Many officers and firefighters say they celebrate the day before Christmas or early Christmas morning.