Danville Disc Golf Course at Pro Level Thanks to Grant

Reporter: Jonathan Merryman

Danville, VA - Disc golfers in Danville have a new reason to hit the links at Ballou Park, thanks to a few new changes to the course's design.

The sound of discs hitting a pole hole is music to the ears of Danville Disc Golf Association board member Patrick Jinks, especially since the Ballou park course in Danville has been upgraded to pro level.

"It's not only a dream to have a pro tour stop in Danville but it's going to be a reality if not this year in the next," Jinks said.

Those possibilities are all because of a $10,000 grant from the Danville Regional Foundation that went towards new signs, blue and white tee pads, and a kiosk along Ballou Park's 18-hole course.

One man who donated a lot of his time to make it happen was Danville Disc Golf Association president Mike Francisco.

"I helped during the process of all the Tee Pads, I helped build the kiosk. I put a lot of time in on this but we have four or five board members but we all gave what we could," Francisco said.

That seems to have paid off with the Ballou Park course having the possibility of hosting a Professional Tournament.

"The PDGA has tier A, B and C tournaments and we are looking at a tier b P.D.G.A. tournament here in Danville as early as November," Jinks said.

Organizers hope that this will further fuel the popularity of one of the fastest growing sports today.

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