Danville Deputy Receives Support After House Fire Displaces His Family

Danville, VA - A Pittsylvania County man who dedicates his career to helping his community now needs their support.

Ron Brown is a deputy with the Danville Sheriff's office. But Wednesday morning, he got a call that his house was up in flames and it sustained severe damage.

Brown considers the Danville Sheriff's Office to be like a second family, and they certainly have acted that way in his time of need. Brown had to leave work Wednesday to respond to the call about his house on fire. By the time he got there, the house was engulfed. No one was home at the time, but he along with his wife and four kids were displaced.
The Red Cross has been assisting them and they are staying at a hotel for now. But that is not the only help he's received. He says many local churches have been giving them clothes, food and money. Brown says they have gotten support and encouragement from the sheriff's office as well, which he says makes a big difference.
"We have been having a lot of support from the community, my fellow co-workers, just been an outpour of help from everyone. It's been overwhelming and I'm humbled by the whole experience," said Brown.
Brown says they will have to gut the house and completely start over. He plans to return to work once he gets everything settled with his home.