Danville Deputies Training for Olympics

Danville, VA - Some Danville deputies have been hard at work, outside of their regular jobs.

Two deputies will compete next week for the first time in the Ohio State Police, Fire, Rescue, and Military Olympics. Their training consists of weight lifting for two hours a day, three times a week for six months.

The deputies have won many physical challenges in the past, but they expect this one to be the most difficult.

"I'm very looking forward to it. I've been training for this for a while and it's just I'm so excited and ready to go," said Deputy Shawn James.

Major Matthew Wyatt and Deputy Shawn James leave next week for the Ohio State Police, Fire, Rescue, and Military Olympics.The competition follows the same rules as the Olympic games you watch on TV.

Both Wyatt and James entered into four different competitions involving weight lifting.

"The training for it is brutal because it's heavy, heavy, heavy lifting," said Major Matthew Wyatt.

The vigorous training makes them stronger on the job, too.

"It keeps you in shape for starters, which is very prevalent in this line of work," Wyatt said.

"We worked hard and we strive for goals and it carries over into the workforce," James said.

Wyatt and James are no strangers to winning weight lifting competitions, but the Olympic games bring on a whole new challenge.

There will be people competing from all over the country, yet the deputies say they are confident they will be adding to their long list of accomplishments.

"I plan on bringing home 4 gold metals," Wyatt said.

When they train for the competition, they say they start out with lighter weights, only 315 pounds. Then they work their way up to lifting weights that are over 400 pounds.

The deputies will be at the Olympics for four days.