Danville Crews Set Up for Fireworks Show

Danville, VA -- Folks in Danville spent much of the day Thursday setting up for the fireworks display.

John Cosgrove has set up the show at the Carrington Pavilion for years. This year they plan to set off 1,200 shots. The show costs the city $11,000.
It takes Cosgrove and his crew hours to get ready for the show, which will last only about 20 minutes. They say setting up is the hard part, and once the show starts, most of their work slows down. Of all of the shows Cosgrove sets up for around the region, he says Danville's show is his favorite.
"It's a great family atmosphere, we've got an area we can picnic with our kids, for me I have three generations doing this so it's really enjoyable," said Cosgrove.
The fireworks will start around 9:15 p.m. in Danville.